KJdesigns specialises in handstamped and personalised jewellery and gifts.  

Jewellery to cherish, remember, inspire and love.

Handstamped jewellery is very unique as every letter, number or design stamp is placed and stamped individually using a hammer.  

The metals I primarily use are stainless steel and copper.  Stainless Steel has been used for years as the metal of choice for watches due to its great qualities, of strength, and durability.  It is hypo-allergenic and looks great.  It is an awesome alternative to silver, and makes great looking jewellery affordable for everyone.  Copper is such a beautiful warm colour, the two metals compliment each other very well.  I use purpose made copper, and also upcycled copper from copper pipes.  The upcycled copper has a very rustic feel to it.  The copper feels wonderful to wear, and warms to the skin.  It is sealed with Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnishing and to provide a protective barrier around the metal.