D.C Jewellery

Diane Connal designs and produces Jewellery in silver, gold, enamels and found objects.
After studying at Sydney College of the Arts in the late '80s Diane has been consistently designing and producing Jewellery. Diane returned from Australia in 1990 and set up a studio at Waikanae Beach. She ran The Tin Crab Gallery for four years at Waikanae Beach. In her work she uses natural and found objects such as bone, stone, jade, china and feathers alongside precious metals. The addition of enamels is another range of designs that she has explored. Many of her designs have an organic feel to them.
The Kapiti Coast has been my home for 18 years although I came here with my family for most of my childhood. My environment and landscape greatly influence and inspire my work and I see art forms and designs raging through the hills and over the seas.
Diane is in the process of launching new ranges of her work at the moment, concentrating on Kiwiana, ceramic and found object pieces including text.