Odi Boutique Jewellery

The Odi range of contemporary jewellery encompasses the visual, the tactile and the iconic. Handmade, authentic and versatile, they can be worn equally well with young high street fashion as with classic timeless styling.

Audie's range of jewellery includes necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and hair accessories. Each item finely Handcrafted by Audie herself and made contemporary by a range of subtle vintage-feel colours, and variation in tactility of material. 

Her jewellery is a mixture of intricate art work, hand-craft skill, incorporating hand painted leather, assemblage of vintage recyclables, , gold charms embedded in resin, and micro art canvasses framed in silver.

Audie utilizes every day materials such as leather, wood, semi-precious and precious metals, vintage new old stock unused uncirculated vintage stock from the 1940s-1950s. Earrings crafted of rounds of delicately hand painted white leather are set in resin aqua or pink floral detail drawing the eye in to the fine art work. Leaf shaped leather earrings are layered with filigree design made of antique gold and bronze.

Giving new life to an old icon is a particular trait of this original designer. Audies signature is her versatility and capacity to boldly create something dynamically fresh with each new range, cleverly stepping ahead of the latest trend while maintaining creative integrity and loyalty to timeless design principles.