Jo Bain

I am a Mixed Media Artist working with recycled timbers and textured surfaces. Conservation and working for a sustainable environment is important to me. So in my Artwork I bring this way of thinking using leaves I collect, lace, nets and handmade paper to create a surface to paint on.

I  Paint about the Sacred places we need to work hard to preserve for furure generations. I want those looking at my Paintings to stop and notice the beauty around them. I spend time painting plein Air at Wenderholm, the largest stand left of Pohutakawas in New Zealand. I collect leaves from under the trees there and spend time watching the light change and the tides go out. We have forgotten in this fast paced world to take the time to be still and appreciate nature.

I am an Expressionist Painter, painting how I feel about what I see and expressing myself through colour. All my work is painted in series as I work on an idea. So there will be a number of works about hills or waves or villas but then it may be soething new I am exploring next.

These are small intimate Landscapes which are very appealing and moderately priced.

I believe real ART should be affordable to all.