Lumic Fun Crochet Hats

Welcome to Lumic Fun Crochet Hats

My name is Rumiko. I’m from Japan and I came to New Zealand 1999 as a Working Holiday Maker. I met my husband the same year and settled in Christchurch in 2001. Now I’m a mother of 2 boys and I’m a cat lover.

I make unique crochet hats for cats, mums and children. I also make other hat sets for the family. I enjoy making hats and wearing hats. I made so many crochet hats for myself and I thought  that why not make hats for other people as well. It would be so great to see people wearing the hats that I have made. That is how I started this shop.

All items are made in a SMOKE-FREE, cat friendly home. Items are stored in a pet-free area :)

Custom orders are always welcome!