Little Leaf Eco NZ

Hi, I'm Maileen and I founded Little Leaf Eco after getting tired of smelly lunch bags that fell apart halfway through the schoolyear. I was fed up with sending my children to school with plastic lunch boxes that were never the right shape and size and contained who knows what chemicals. I decided to create an eco friendly lunch bag that was tough, reusable, easy to clean and big enough to hold enough food for my growing boys.

The Lunch Tote was the first product developed in New Zealand by Little Leaf Eco, meeting the ever increasing needs of families all over the country. Little Leaf Eco now offers a variety of items a such as the Stinky Bag, Kid's Backpacks and Wooden Toys that are designed not only to inspire but to deliver quality and a unique Kiwi style.

Little Leaf Eco is still the same family owned business driven by a passion for the environment and family but we're constantly growing so be sure to check back often to see what's new. I'm passionate about my products and I hope that you'll love them too!