Craft Me Up

After receiving many requests from friends and then friends of friends for bags and purses they had made for themselves, sisters Angela and Jennifer decided to start Craftmeup to turn their interest in sewing and textiles into more than just a hobby.  “Quite often I would pull out a purse or bag that I had created for myself based on what I wanted and friends would frequently ask where I had brought it or comment on the fantastic fabric I was using.  My friends who I often custom made items for as well were receiving the same comments and before I knew it Craftmeup was born due to the demand” said Angela.

Both sisters have had an interest in crafts and creating from a young age.  Angela’s first project being a skirt at the age of 11 after a few sewing lessons from her mum.  She wore that skirt to school every day until it fell apart a few weeks later, her sewing skills have improved considerably since then!

They draw their inspiration from the unusual and stunning fabrics which they source from their other passion - travelling.  After buying the fabrics they usually leaves a swatch of it on their inspiration board and before long an idea forms for her item that would fit the fabric perfectly.  

All Craftmeup items are designed, made and finished by Angela and Jennifer so there can be limited numbers in some designs making each item unique and one of a kind.  The current Craftmeup range uses textiles and screen printed fabrics from the Florence Broadhurst collection.  Florence was an iconic Australian designer who was famous for her unique and trend setting hand painted wallpaper prints.  As famous as she was for her wallpaper she was also famous for her unique death by murder ... which to this day still has not been solved.

Craftmeup’s range before that was based on prints by Japanese designers like Echino which had a focus on birds and nature with striking bright colours.