Firecracker Studio

My name is Katherine Bertram and I am an artist living in Napier. My training was specific to printmaking majoring in Lithography and etching, however I have developed a portfolio of textile work that complements my printmaking. I have been utilising the printmaking aesthetic and my silkscreen skills to blend the two mediums. I have also been interested in history and objects’ that have travelled and journeyed. My interest in remaking jewellery from vintage linen, stamps, antique pocket watches and sea glass all stems from my interest in items with prior meaning. I love the notion that multiple people have held these items, possibly travelled the globe and are older than the new wearer. To me they are enchanting reminders of time, history and memory. All my jewellery is crafted from superior materials. Repurposed items have character, meaning and sentiment attached and I hope that they become part of another person’s enjoyment and history as well.