Calico Craft Supplies

Made from 100% soy wax, the best quality fragrances, 100% essential oils, and recycled containers where possible, Calico Crafts' products are as close to nature as possible. 

Our soy wax comes from a sustainable source, is completely renewable, contains no GMO material or unnatural additives, and is Kosher certified. Our quality candles and melts are eco-friendly, burn cleanly leaving no residual soot, and are non-toxic.  As soy wax melts at a very low temperature (40-45C) it won’t burn your skin and is easily cleaned up in hot, soapy water. This also makes it possible to use many types of containers, including recycled wine glasses.

Calico Crafts is a home-based business in the sunny Hawkes Bay delivering hand-made products direct to you from the manufacturer. For this reason we are able to keep extremely competitive pricing to local and international customers.