Gilded Glory

Gilded Glory - gilded wall décor 

gilding: the application and use of gold leaf for decoration

‘Gilded Glory’ begins in the palaces, chateaus and cathedrals of Europe  ....  I was drawn to the beautiful ‘warmth and reflective quality’ of the gilding, that is often used to adorn and enhance architectural detail and decorative embellishments. Much of this gilding was done to excess, so this is my way of updating and creating a more pared down style.

Whilst living in London I undertook a course in gilding, learning the traditional technique of oil and water based gilding. My return to New Zealand in 2014, enabled me to focus towards a new creative direction, hence ‘Gilded Glory’ was established in 2016.

My modern interpretation of this timeless centuries-old decoration, combines popular European design motifs and modern day emblems or symbols. Each design is hand crafted and gilded by myself - only genuine 22ct gold and 12ct white gold leaf is used - mounted and then framed.  Along with a traditional frame, white gold, colour and a wider frame has been introduced to add a more contemporary style to my designs.

As with all of my handmade motifs, no one piece will be exactly the same. Gold leaf is extremely fragile - only 1/250,000 of an inch thick - sometimes small crease lines can be present which will give the true authentic look of gilding. Some gilders’ will accentuate these crease lines to give an aged distressed look (antique patina) but I gild for what I consider, to be a more consistent, matte, overall lustre.  

When you purchase a design, you will have the knowledge that this is a truly unique and original design.


Gilded Glory Products

Iris - 12ct white gold  (contemporary)
Iris - 12ct white go..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Italian Renaissance - 22ct gold (contemporary)
Italian Renaissance ..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Jaipur - 12ct white gold (contemporary)
Jaipur - 12ct white ..
Gilded Glory $97.75
Jaipur - 22ct gold (contemporary)
Jaipur - 22ct gold (..
Gilded Glory $97.75
Kaleidoscope - 22ct & 12 ct gold (traditional)
Kaleidoscope - 22ct ..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Key to my Heart - 22ct gold (contemporary)
Key to my Heart - 22..
Gilded Glory $97.75
Laurel Wreath - 12ct white gold (traditional)
Laurel Wreath - 12ct..
Gilded Glory $115.00
Leaf Foliage - 22ct gold (traditional)
Leaf Foliage - 22ct ..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Lily - 12ct white gold  (traditional)
Lily - 12ct white go..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Lotus Flower -12ct white gold (contemporary)
Lotus Flower -12ct w..
Gilded Glory $97.75
Maharajas Sarpech - 22ct gold (traditional)
Maharajas Sarpech - ..
Gilded Glory $97.75
Mandalay 2 - 12ct white gold (traditional)
Mandalay 2 - 12ct wh..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Medallion - 22ct gold (traditional)
Medallion - 22ct gol..
Gilded Glory $115.00
Midnight in Morocco - 22ct gold (contemporary)
Midnight in Morocco ..
Gilded Glory $97.75
Pine de Indies - 22ct & 12ct gold (traditional)
Pine de Indies - 22c..
Gilded Glory $115.00
Regent - 22ct gold (traditional)
Regent - 22ct gold (..
Gilded Glory $149.50
Rococo Revival - 12ct white gold (traditional)
Rococo Revival - 12c..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Roman Empire - 22ct gold (traditional)
Roman Empire - 22ct ..
Gilded Glory $97.75
Royal Flourish - 22ct gold (traditional)
Royal Flourish - 22c..
Gilded Glory $92.00
Sarpech - 12ct white gold (traditional)
Sarpech - 12ct white..
Gilded Glory $97.75