As the name suggests, the newest addition to our range is something of a miniature Murse Wallet; big enough to carry a number of bank / business cards and some folding stuff, yet small enough to slip into your jean pocket without even a hint of a bulge.

Robust and compact in design, each mini is fashioned from premium leather and lined with suede to ensure your cards remain in place.


Inspired by tradition, all our Murse Products are an expression of our appreciation for the finer things in life.

Each card sleeve features genuine leather outer and suede lining to ensure your cards fit snug and are well protected. Each is handmade in New Zealand by a master leather craftsman using traditional techniques. We pay close attention to detail whereby no two cardholders are the same. Sourcing the highest quality leather will mean that with time your Murse product will be worn in not worn out.

Genuine Leather Exterior
Genuine Suede Interior lining
Completely Hand Made in New Zealand

Width: 100mm
Height: 75mm

Will the leather of my Murse Wallet stain?
Some of the Murse Wallets (e.g. the Eastwood) are made from Nu-buck leather hide and care should be taken to avoid contact with water or other liquids where possible as they may leave marks. Nu-buck leather is soft and similar to suede and a protectant can be purchased if you want to reduce the chance of staining and to maintain that fresh look; more information on care can be found at The Murse Wallets in finished leather (with a shinier look) will be less susceptible to stains / watermarks.

Do I need a care kit for the leather?
Understandably your Murse will become a cherished accessory so you want to look after it. Like any natural hide leather, knocks, scratches and bumps on the leather will only enhance its general appearance / character over time. Minor scratches will even tend to buff out in most cases and so applying a leather protectant is not really considered necessary; and, depending on the type of care product, may result in discolouration. While applying dubbin or nugget to our rugby boots growing up may have been a great idea, your Murse certainly will not love you for it and so should be discouraged.

This product will be despatched in approx 2 days. Delivery times may vary.

Ships from Hastings
Courier within NZ Free Free

* Applies if you purchase additional items from the same seller. Free freight applies to the item with lesser freight cost.
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Mini Murse Cardholder - Tan

$35.00 NZD

5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
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4 star rating. 4 star rating. 4 star rating. 4 star rating. 4 star rating.
I am happy with the Murse. The leather is lovely quality, the stitching is professional and the style is exactly as promised and photographed. I was also impressed with the speed and diligence of the service. Four stars is just because I think Five star should be held in reserve. Thank you - Susanne
5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
Excellent trade
5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
This is a great little gift! The leather is just right, thick but not rigid and almost feels like it's already worn in. Super fast delivery, I'll be back for more. Thank you!

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