The Little White Box

I have a favourite mug. It was given to me by my god-daughter, Sarah, when she was born three years ago. I use it religiously every morning because it is just the right weight, it sits nicely in my hand and, most importantly, holds a generous amount - there is no time to go back and refill in the morning! It is special because it was painted by her, which makes it uniquely one-of-a-kind and makes that cup of tea something more wonderful.

The Little White Box was an idea born from that very cup of tea. The fear that one day I could lose or break my mug made me set about creating the Country Mug and, as the idea brewed, more tableware progressively came along with it.

My designs are from the heart and proudly made in Ardmore, New Zealand. Each design is unique and hand-painted, creating a little artwork in itself. The Little White Box is a gift that keeps giving and I hope one of my Country Mugs brings you as much enjoyment as it does me.

The Little White Box Products