Discover Us!

Discover Me is a website focused on creativity. We seek to promote art in all its forms, original ideas, endemic designs, creative re-purposing and all things gorgeous.
Our aim is to showcase artists/makers from all corners of the country, enable people to connect and discover each other’s creations and to provide a convenient online marketplace. Most of all we wish to create a pleasurable experience for all who visit the site.

We are a husband and wife team. He’s been building and strategising websites since before the turn of the century, she comes from a long line of re-purposers and has been sewing, crafting and upcycling since well before it became fashionable! This website is a culmination of our talents and passions.

The leaf in our logo represents creation, the growth of beauty and the discovery of new things. We hope you enjoy discovering with us and we would love to hear your feedback on your experience at Discover Me.

Apoderado-Micua Family