Muesli Magic

by Joanne Davies

Have you ever tried making muesli? It is so gosh darn simple, and one of those recipes that you can adjust myriad ways with superb results. You can't really go wrong - actually you can go wrong if you do not keep an eye out when toasting, very important.

One of the most wonderful things about the process is the smell of honey and nuts drifting through the house as it toasts. Try making this on a lazy Sunday and enjoy the benefits for the following weeks.

       Our recipe makes roughly this ^^ much. Lattice Bowl by Factory Ceramics, Personalised Spoon by KJdesigns 

We tend to go to our favourite wholefoods store and buy most of the ingredients from the bulk bins so they are organic and the best price available. The supermarket bulk bins are also great.
Tip: take the recipe and weigh in-store if you want to keep to these quantities.

Dried fruit (excepting banana chips) is not included in this recipe for a few reasons. 1 Stevo doesn't like it. 2 Dried fruit is high in sugar and not so good for teeth. 3 We love going crazy with the honey component instead. 4 Muesli is super delicious with fresh fruit, the nutrients also amp up untold when you add kiwifruit, banana, berries or whatever you have on hand.

Our recipe is decadently filled with a variety of nuts, make it your own with the things you like and let the protein rich goodness take you right through till lunch time.

1.25kg oats (quick cooking or large, steel cut or from a packet - we like to use a blend)

400g almonds

roughly 250g each of:
pepitas (pumpkin kernels - NZ dark green ones are the best)
sunflower seeds
sesame seeds
brazil nuts
macadamia nuts

400g blend of:
fine, flaky or shredded coconut

100-200g chia seeds (quite pricey so best to use only if you know you like them)
100g wheat germ (this could be added as a topping seeing heat may damage the nutritional value)
100g banana chips (a new addition for us, sometimes deep fried and are usually highly sweetened so you might want to check this before you buy)

1 cup honey of your choice
1 cup rice bran oil or other mild flavoured oil of your choice
1 teaspoon (more or less to taste) good quality cinnamon

Turn oven on to 160oC or 325oF. Get a really, really big bowl or a big paper bag. Put the oats, seeds, coconut and wheat germ into the container and stir or shake to combine.


Chop all of the nuts to the size you want them to be (we like 'em chunky) and add to the bowl/s. We found and added our bag of brazil nuts after all the photos were done.

        Warm the oil at a medium to low heat.                                         

        Add the honey and cinnamon, remove from heat and stir till honey is melted
        and you have a smooth stream of liquid gold. Pour into your
        muesli mix and stir, stir, fold and blend through until you can
        see that everything is covered.

        Place into a large roasting dish (or a few dishes). You can pile it up but you will be             tossing this a few times so you want it to be fairly easy to toss without spillage.

Place into the oven for about 30-40 minutes, tossing at 10 minute intervals. It's important to remember to toss or you will have a sad tale to tell... Tip: set your cell phone on a 10 minute timer and lose the stress of trying to remember to check your toasting breakfast treat.

Remove from oven *add dried fruit at this point if you choose and cool (tossing helps here too) before placing in jars and patting yourself on the back.

Eat with milk of any kind, yoghurt, fruit, on top of ice cream, alone as a snack or dessert or in lunchboxes. How do you have yours?

                       Lattice Bowl in Celedon by Factory Ceramics,  Personalised Spoon by KJdesigns


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Looks yum...