August, Muesli and WIN Ear Wings

by Joanne Davies

Guess what? Father's Day is just around the corner of this month. How about a Huggable Heart for your Lovable Rogue? We get the ball rolling with some ideas here.


Clockwise from top left: New Zealand Coin Cufflinks, Surfboards Cushion, Serpentine Hei Toki, Pohutukawa Magnetic Knife Holder, Iron Sand Black Soap on a Rope, Haka Peruperu 2 Print, Huggable Heart Cushion

Spring is also around the corner, we are enjoying the last of the nesting weather with weekend lie-ins and comfort cooking.

Specialty of the man of the house is muesli. He made a stash this weekend. It is big on nuts and honey and tastes very good. Get our recipe here.


As winter drags on, are you needing some brightness, or maybe monochrome suits you just fine?

Clockwise from top left: Poppy Drop Earrings, Triangle Tower Holes Earrings, Cosmetic Purse - Red Geometric, Treble Clef Earrings, Acrylic Cloud Necklace, Black & White Fingerless Gloves, Heart of Steel Pendant

I quite like a bit of both...

Clockwise from top left: Cosy Cowl - Nadeshiko Blues, Kamiko Card - Girls of the World, Fluorescent Rabbit Earrings, Contemporary Florals Canvas Bag, Vintage Rose Pink Hair Comb, Large Bib - Town & AroundObjectify Rocket Egg Cup, Cotton Pasifika Tea Towel - Turquoise

Our prize this month comes courtesy of Philip Thornton, the gorgeous TW9 Ear Wing. These patented Ear Wings come in a great variety of styles, this pair delicately swoops around a small silver ball for a totally unique look. Somehow they manage to be dainty and edgy at the same time. Check out the listings for the great range here.


To enter, simply comment on this article, and you're in the draw... Good luck!

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Comments and Questions

#1 by Debz Keatch 30 August, 2014
Hi there :) Absolutely love looking at all the beautiful creations on discoverme ...There are so many items that I would love to have, but in particular I love the Philip Thorton Ear Wings! I have wing tattoos on each shoulder, and have a collection of winged creature art,wearable wings in different styles, and to have a pair of the gorgeous Ear Wings would be awesome :) Thankyou, keep up the great work! :)
by Joanne Davies 31 August, 2014
Hi Debz, thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot :) Best of luck adding to your collection by winning the Ear Wings!

#2 by Julie Ferguson 29 August, 2014
So many pretty things to choose from, so much inspiration for gifts. I love Philip's ear wings in particular. Think I'll start my Christmas shopping early.
by Joanne Davies 29 August, 2014
Hi Julie, It's a great idea to be prepared for Christmas, helps you get that feel good factor rather than the panicky one! Best of luck in our prize draw for the Ear Wings :)

#3 by Claire Castle 28 August, 2014
What absolutely gorgeous things you have on here! I have mentally spent about $5k in 5 minutes! The ear wings are so cool, and I lurve that Heart of Steel pendant - really different! Keep up the good work :-)
by Joanne Davies 28 August, 2014
Thanks Claire, make sure to add the things you love to your favourites list! Just click the wee heart that appears when you hover over an item. Good luck with winning the ear wings!

#4 by Heather Barron-Reid 27 August, 2014
Hi there, I have just come across your page, and think that you have some incredible amazing stuff, I love the fingerless gloves, and also think the ear wings are amazing. A very creative idea for ear rings. Keep up all the great work. Cheers Heather
by Joanne Davies 27 August, 2014
Hi Heather, thank you for your comments, best of luck in the prize draw!

#5 by Frances Turpie 27 August, 2014
The muesli recipe sounds divine, will definitely have to try :) Love the Ear Wing Earrings (fingers crossed)
by Joanne Davies 27 August, 2014
Hi Frances, we hope you do try the muesli and let us know how it tastes :) Good luck for the prize draw!

#6 by Joanne Algar 26 August, 2014
Hi All, I just love all the goodies on your site. There is some amazing talent out there. Spoilt for choice :)
by Joanne Davies 27 August, 2014
Hi Joanne, thank you for your comment! You are so right, we have an abundance of talent in New Zealand and we are proud to bring it to you. You are in our draw for the Ear Wings, good luck!

#7 by Amu Anand 26 August, 2014
New Liker here :) Love your page esp the recipes!
by Joanne Davies 26 August, 2014
Hi Amu, thanks for your message! We are so glad you like the recipes, keep looking because there are lots more to come... Good luck in our prize draw!

#8 by Karen Williamson 24 August, 2014
Thanks for the muesli recipe, it looks delicious and I'm definately going to make myself a big batch.
by Joanne Davies 25 August, 2014
Good to hear Karen! Let us know how it goes... you are in our prize draw, good luck!

#9 by Rhona Shaw 16 August, 2014
Kia ora. Tumeke site with a wide variety of amazing creations by talented people. Loving it. Thanks
by Joanne Davies 18 August, 2014
Kia Ora, thanks Rhona, you're in our prize draw. Good luck!

#10 by Lynne Krebs 15 August, 2014
Great page, lots of look at. So glad I found it!
by Joanne Davies 15 August, 2014
Hi Lynne, thanks for finding us! You are entered in our draw for the fabulous Ear Wings, good luck!

#11 by Brenda Meech 15 August, 2014
I'm a new liker what a fabulous page you have, I'm so glad I found you xx
by Joanne Davies 15 August, 2014
Hi Brenda, thanks! We are glad too :) You're in the draw for the Ear Wings, good luck!

#12 by Donna North 14 August, 2014
Wow I love your stuff. I'm going to have to start my Christmas list early this year I think :)
by Joanne Davies 15 August, 2014
Hi Donna, we hope your Christmas shopping is as much fun as Christmas is :) You are in the prize draw, good luck!

#13 by Jessica Jones-cox 14 August, 2014
New liker to site very cool :) and will be reccomending it to a few of my friends to :) thanks
by Joanne Davies 14 August, 2014
Welcome Jessica! Thanks for your kind words. You are entered into the draw for the Ear Wings, good luck!

#14 by Jessica Jones-cox 14 August, 2014
New liker to site very cool :) and will be reccomending it to a few of my friends to :) thanks