WEEK FOUR of giveaways!! 28 August - 03 September

by Joanne Davies

Welcome to our last giveaway week. What a spectacular array of goodies we have been able to share, thanks to our fabulous group of artists! DiscoverMe is proud to present the final swag, worth over $300!

Scroll down the page to enter (not the live chat! Please use the comments & questions area to enter)

Clockwise from top left: Ear Cuff by Phillip Thornton, Rambo Anatomy Print by Pen in Hand, Leather Hair Cuff by Odi Boutique Jewellery, Magnolia Shield Earrings in Gold Leather by Odi Boutque Jewellery, Stag Print Tablet Case by Il Nido, Japanese Wave Cufflinks by JB Collections, Pounamu Macrame Bracelet by Aotearoa Gemstones, Koru Cushion by Deep Green Inc.

Please scroll down below to the comments & questions to place your entry :)

NB: By entering this draw you agree to have your name visible on this page and on our facebook page. If you are the winner, we'll notify you by email and send the prizes to you, with love. (NZ addresses only)

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Comments and Questions

#1 by Melissa Cracknell 05 October, 2015
All of it is just beautiful! Love this website - Fingers crossed xxx

#2 by Christine Dudarko 24 September, 2015
What a beautiful collection of ecliptic precious items, I'd love just one, all of them would be awesome!!!!:0

#3 by Lisa Hay 02 September, 2015
Where have you been hiding? Love, love,love the website...

#4 by Phoebe Driver 02 September, 2015
Yes plzzz

#5 by tracey stimpson 01 September, 2015
As usual, glorious ideas and giftage. Particularly like the Stag pring tablet case.
by Ann Tapara 01 September, 2015
It's neat aye!

#6 by Renata Cross 31 August, 2015
??? kudos to these artists! So so cool! Keep up the good work :-)

#7 by Cindy Fergusson 31 August, 2015
This stuff is awsome

#8 by Sharon Pihama-Avery 31 August, 2015
Yes please, I would love to win & share it with my girlies :) awesome site too.

#9 by Sarah Strathdee 31 August, 2015
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Wining would be lovely
by Dennice Kyle 31 August, 2015
awesome stuff

#10 by Mar August 31 August, 2015
These are beautiful. Would make great Christmas presents. Would love to win. ?

#11 by Kirsty Cooper 31 August, 2015
This all looks great, would love to be a winner.

#12 by Ann Tapara 31 August, 2015
The hair cuff, the ear cuff, the print, the pounamu...all amazing. I'd love to win to share with my sister and mum. Gee, my mum would love the earrings! My sister would love anything!

#13 by Adele Mangakahia 31 August, 2015
Yes please, would love love to win!!

#14 by Georgina Woods 30 August, 2015
What amazing prizes thanks for the chance to win.????????

#15 by De Lacey 30 August, 2015
The items look so natural. I would really like to win them.

#16 by Jessica Jones-cox 30 August, 2015
This would be lovely to win, just came accross it now, thanks for the opportunity, will share with my friends also- beautiful prizes :) ??

#17 by Denise Ives 30 August, 2015
I would love to win some beautiful treasures like this. There are some beautiful things that I would love to share with my family and friends. Thank you!

#18 by Gloria Phillipson 30 August, 2015
Just found this looks great would love to win something

#19 by Anne Mansfield 30 August, 2015
What a great bunch of prizes. I really love the Pounamu Macrame Bracelet by Aotearoa Gemstones. My grandaughter would love it too and she has a birthday coming up soon!

#20 by Ange Beaumont 30 August, 2015
Ooooh another bunch of gorgeous goodies!!

#21 by Lyn Jarman 30 August, 2015
Love the koru cushion!

#22 by Cornelia Ruff 30 August, 2015
This is heaven, the earrings are great, yes please and thanks for putting up such a great webpage!

#23 by Virginia Nicol 30 August, 2015
Love the nature inspired stuff especially with being a nature lover. Beautiful! Last trimester of pregnancy and some precious treats would be wonderful to win!

#24 by Lynda coleman 30 August, 2015
Beautiful unique works of art. Would love any of them...:-)

#25 by Tess Phillips 29 August, 2015
Truly a beautiful site with such a wide range of products. I love it so much, so much I would to win these wonderful gifts pictured :)

#26 by Marian Simons 29 August, 2015
awesome site, I don't know how I have not heard of you before.

#27 by Suz Coram-Stanley 29 August, 2015
These are all gorgeous! What a great prize!

#28 by Rowena McCoy 29 August, 2015
I love the Pounamu macrame braclet especially- it's totally gorgeous!

#29 by Chez Taylor 29 August, 2015
I would love any of the wonderful items but to win them all would be truly awesome!

#30 by Justine Young 29 August, 2015
What a great stash up for grabs!

#31 by Louise Ott 29 August, 2015
Really nice creations,exciting about the ode to win all of this stuffs :)

#32 by Alyssa Sills 29 August, 2015
Wow a lot of beautiful treasures I know a few people deserve.

#33 by Nadine Rogers 29 August, 2015
What an amazing prize!! I would love to win this!!

#34 by Tam Johnson 28 August, 2015
Awe I love your products & would especially love one of your pounamu bracelets. Just gorgeous. Good luck everyone ??

#35 by Brenda Meech 27 August, 2015
Wow what a fabulous array I could spoil the whole family & some with this. It's so generous of you yes please