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Pacific Perfumes is Francesca Brice and Kate JasonSmith. We have our business and Perfume Studio in Aro Valley, Wellington. We make Perfume, Soap and Body products. Let's begin with The Artisan Botanical Range. Our Award winning Artisan whole-earth packaging is made from renewable and recyclable sources, making minimal impact on the environment. Recycled card and vegetable ink printing and no glue.Each perfume box contains a certified sustainable Beech push-out stand up Nikau tree. We use certified organic jojoba oil and certified organic beeswax in our Artisan perfumes. We also donate $1 from every purchase of an Artisan perfume to New Zealands' Forest & Bird which helps protect the wonderful wildlife of Aotearoa. Next up, our Original range of solid perfumes  also use a jojoba oil & beeswax base and the perfumes are a mix of fragrance compounds (man made) and Essential oils.They come in our signature sustainable wooden pots, a little differently stained.There's no outer packaging for these however we are offering a FREE organic pouch with each one sold. Handmade by my mum! That means built to last. The Soaps we make are very very lovely, creamy and luxurious, don't split or crack or get all gooey in the shower! make gorgeous gifts in the recycled card box, beautifully illustrated and fragranced lovingly for you. We are against any Animal testing and do not use ingredients from Animals in our products. CRUELTY FREE CERTIFIED!!! We will speak out for animal rights and support SAFE, the voice for all animals in New Zealand! We're very motivated to promote the use of local materials where it is sustainable practice and to inspire others to do so. We are a very small business and when we need help we employ people who experience a disadvantage in the workplace, either because of a limited knowledge of the English language, age or because of responsibilities (like child care) that make it difficult for them to find mainstream employment.

We do not support the logging of New Zealand native timber (or any other native timber), so we searched for some time to find an eco-friendly alternative. Sustainable Beech is the perfect solution. Sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests a new tree is planted for every one that is logged. We make all our products in New Zealand however we do have to source fragrance ingredients from overseas. We use suppliers we believe have a similar philosophy to us, ie; to trade in a fair, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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Tui Loves Kowhai
Tui Loves Kowhai
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