Fat Spatula

"Scraping the bowl of humanity"

Fat Spatula is the love-child of Andy Heyward

I was born tiny but now I am much bigger.

I am an artist, a painter, a lover, and a father. 

I enjoy illustrating the ideas that I concoct and I like the act of creating, whether photographic, cartoon, digital, paint or craft. 

While being a self-employed graphic artist for a living I also paint and create on a regular basis. 

I consider my work to be deeply shallow and I enjoy bringing a smile to peoples faces. I also like to glorify everyday objects and make what is not precious the centre of attention.

Painting is a creative release from my other serious and stressful positions of being President of the Haumoana Lemon Marketing Board and Founding member of the Haumoana Men’s Knitting Club.

May the goat of prosperity chew upon your roses and may your piles heal without the need for invasive surgery.

Fat Spatula Products

“Look Dear, isn’t that the lesser spotted Great Grey Octopi?” - Print
“Look Dear, isn’t th..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Bacon Balm
Bacon Balm
Fat Spatula $9.20
Batman goes Bush - Print
Batman goes Bush - P..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Beard Wax and Horn Comb
Beard Wax and Horn C..
Fat Spatula $34.50
Bert and Ernie go skinny dipping - Print
Bert and Ernie go sk..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Breakdancing on the yellow brick road - Print
Breakdancing on the ..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Choco Balm : Dark Chocolate Lip Balm
Choco Balm : Dark Ch..
Fat Spatula $13.80
Darth makes Sourdough
Darth makes Sourdoug..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Do you remember when giant snails roamed the earth? - Print
Do you remember when..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Double Bladed Axe - Pillow Fighting Cushion
Double Bladed Axe - ..
Fat Spatula $34.50
Girl with stray bacteria - print
Girl with stray bact..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Goat Milk Shaving Soap with Pure Badger Hair Brush
Goat Milk Shaving So..
Fat Spatula $57.50
Godzilla! why have you forsaken us? - Print
Godzilla! why have y..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Horatio learns to skate on Ice - Print
Horatio learns to sk..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Huggable Heart Cushion
Huggable Heart Cushi..
Fat Spatula $46.00
Lord Cookie Monster awaits his shipment
Lord Cookie Monster ..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Lovable Lung Cushion
Lovable Lung Cushion
Fat Spatula $46.00
Migration Path of the Humpback whale in Autumn - Print
Migration Path of th..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Mixmaster Mary serves up a tasty sample for supper
Mixmaster Mary serve..
Fat Spatula $17.25
Moustache Wax and Horn Comb Gift Pack
Moustache Wax and Ho..
Fat Spatula $34.50