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My name is Chris and I live in N.Z. with 2 Labradors . My 11 year old black boy Ernie and 5 year old chocolate girl I rescued from a bad home in August 2011.

In 2004 I lost my 3 year old Labrador Kassa to bone cancer of the jaw. While fighting I was asked to join a newly formed small group of others fighting the same beast. Today Bone Cancer Dogs has grown into a non profit organisation dedicated to funding research and awareness in bone cancer. After feeling helpless seeing a friend fight bone cancer I decided to make collars collars with 80%  from the collars going to the Bone Cancer Dogs to raise funds for bone cancer research. Helping dogs helps in turn helps humans.Until I raise $1,500 I am donating 100% to B.C.D.

Lyn had a creative brain and  loved coming up with new ideas. Together we worked on the collars, laughing at some of our experiments and others feeling proud of ourselves. The pain seemed to ease for Lyn as we did them and the black cloud that hung over us vanished. Our ideas lead to other ideas for ways to use left over fabrics, and things we could make. I am finally making some of these things and wish she was here to see them.

Sadly in July 2011 the pain became too much for Lyn. It was hard doing them without her and for a long time I couldn't. If Lyn and Kassa fought then I had to go on to fight for them. No animal or human should ever have to fight the fight they fought.

In memory of precious dog Kassa and wonderful friend Lyn.
Thank you for reading our page. Together we can make a difference.
Chris and Lyn.

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Collars by Chris
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