Custom Keepsakes

Custom keepsakes is a boutique family owned business specialising in hand crafted fine silver fingerprint jewellery and hand stamped precious and semi precious metal keepsakes.

Having left a successful corporate career to spend more time with her two children, Lois found herself, in her spare time turning to her passion of making keepsake jewellery. When what started as a hobby, and making the odd keepsake for friends, turned into friends of friends, and then their friends, Custom Keepsakes the business was born.

Lois designs and customises every piece with your input and incorporates elements including fingerprint of a loved one (young or old), birthstones, names, special dates, birth details, or a loving message. Each family inspired piece is either, fully hand crafted, or hand stamped letter by letter, then lovingly hand polished making every piece unique in its design, creation, and finish.


For many, whether sterling/fine silver, copper or brass, the way the keepsake is customised and personalised, is more precious, if not more so than the metal that it is crafted from.

Custom Keepsakes Products