Ema Frost

Ema Frost is a graphic artist, illustrator, ceramic designer and creator/founder of her label FROST+DINKIE.

Ema Frost at a very young age had a desire to create “things” - which led her towards all sorts of arts and crafts. That early interest and dabbling in a wide range of different art media led Ema to a career in graphic design. “I love intense, vibrant, poppy colours that bring a sense of enchantment to art and to life.”

“I’m inspired by Japanese art from the past and present, whether it be packaging, toy design, 1940s and 50s advertising, or wood-block prints. My love for travel and photography influences my design work, but my travels also give me an appreciation for my home country New Zealand, and our native flora and fauna is also a strong influence and inspiration. More recently, I have developed a fascination with traditional Maori hei tiki, and this is now also becoming a feature of my work.”

Ema Frost Products