Faye Kilday

My name is Faye Kilday and I am a New Zealand ceramic artist and potter. I make jewellery, homewares and ceramic art.
I love working with clay. I love the way it feels, smells and looks. To create art from the earth nurtures my soul and makes me very happy. 
Handbuilding is my favourite way to create with clay.  Pinching and slab work are the techniques I use most often.  My ceramic artworks show my love for colour and have a sense of playfulness about them. I have fun creating my art and I want my customers to have fun owning it.
I use ceramic stains to make coloured clay. This allows me to create and colour my pieces at the same time. I enjoy working spontaneously so using coloured clay works well for me. I also use underglazes and coloured slips to paint my ceramic artworks then finish my pieces off with a clear glaze which protects them and brings out the richness and beauty of the colours.
I live in Whangarei with my two house rabbits.

Faye Kilday Products