FunkyGlam Jewellery

My jewellery making is my girlie escape from my very male dominated world.

I design Subdivisions using AutoCad, so I have a good eye for structure and balance. My very first job was with Lands and Survey and I worked with and created many different maps. I loved all their intricate detail and I think this is why Steampunk snuck up on me and totally captivated me.

I love the fascinating cogs, gears and tiny ruby jewel pivot points in the pendants I now create, along with the fantasy element that has evolved with this revival. My grandfather was a self taught watch maker, so maybe some of this was lurking in my blood anyway.

I am lucky enough to work from my peaceful home and love the freedom this gives me to work and create as suits. It has also meant that through all the devastating Christchurch earthquakes I have been able to remain relatively safe and the time creating jewellery has been extremely therapeutic.

FunkyGlam Jewellery Products

A Bunch of Wishes - Glass and Brass
A Bunch of Wishes - ..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $33.35
A few wishes - Glass bottle with Petal top & Crystal, Silver or Antiqued brass
A few wishes - Glass..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $40.50
A single wish
A single wish
FunkyGlam Jewellery $44.00
A Single Wish....with Bling
A Single Wish....wit..
FunkyGlam Jewellery
Was: $46.00 $37.95
Angel wing sculpted Pendant with Swarovski
Angel wing sculpted ..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $43.70
Antiqued Silver Kowhai
Antiqued Silver Kowh..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $34.50
Art Deco Dragonfly Watch Pendant - Timeless Relic
Art Deco Dragonfly W..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $86.25
Black and White stud Earrings
Black and White stud..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $21.85
Brass Winged Locket
Brass Winged Locket
FunkyGlam Jewellery $40.02
Bumble Bee Bliss #1 - Victorian Steampunk inspired
Bumble Bee Bliss #1 ..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $50.00
Bunch of Wishes - Silver Version
Bunch of Wishes - Si..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $33.35
Dandelion Fairy wishes - Resin orb with Antiqued Silver
Dandelion Fairy wish..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $39.00
Filigree Butterfly wing with Swarovski and Pearl bead
Filigree Butterfly w..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $29.90
Filigree dragonfly - Steampunk Inspired Pendant
Filigree dragonfly -..
FunkyGlam Jewellery
Was: $69.00 $57.50
Floating Bee Locket with Surrounding Crystals
Floating Bee Locket ..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $48.30
Funky Earrings - Pink Dotty Spotty
Funky Earrings - Pin..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $23.00
Funky Flower Locket - Dried Violet or Alyssum
Funky Flower Locket ..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $40.25
Funky Locket - Silver Dragonfly Diva with Swarovski
Funky Locket - Silve..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $37.95
Funky Steampunk Inspired Industrial Chic Pendant
Funky Steampunk Insp..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $79.35
Funky Steampunk Inspired Pendant - The Bumble Bee
Funky Steampunk Insp..
FunkyGlam Jewellery $86.25