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Unique hand painted glass jewellery and heartfelt unnecessaries made with love and creativity from the heart of New Zealand, the lovely Central Otago.

I enjoy painting (glass and nails), and putting designs and shades together. I think I have a good eye for colour. A long time ago I studied photography, so art and justaposition come naturally.

I paint backwards – meaning, instead of layering up I need to layer down. I paint on the back of the glass and whatever needs to be highlighted or on top must be drawn and done first. Then you layer back to create moods and nuances. When all is done I seal off the back and either place in fittings (rings or earrings) or leave “naked”. I use the best quality fused and polished hand made glass I can find. Almost all metals are sterling silver, silver plate or nickel based bronze and hypoallergenic.

All of my jewellery is hand beaded, drawn / -painted by me based on my own designs, ideas and thoughts. I create, paint, knit, sew and live in a smoke free home with a supportive Mr and two cats.

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