NadjaB Design

Hello, (or AHOJ as they say in Prague)

My name is Nadja Bahnikova, born in Prague, Czech Republic 

I graduated after 4 years in Design, Manufacturing and Pattern Construction

I arrived on NZ soil in the year 2000,  got my first job as a sample machinist in Auckland City. What a great feeling, to get work in a different country, with a different language on the other side of the world. Struggling with the language and all the new technical words, I persevered and later got a job as a pattern maker, even typing specification sheets for Chinese factories (in English), what an achievement! 

Now I was a pattern maker with a passion for designing, trying more companies in the hope that the next one will lead to a brighter future…It didn’t.

So in 2009, my husband and I decided it was time to do our own thing and started a family business.

Since then, I’ve established my own fashion label Nadja B. Design and my dream of being a designer finally came true.

My creations are high quality garments made to measure, with my specialty being unique, one off pieces that are beautifully cut with a simple silhouette and loads of detailing.  My love for accessories is reflected in the hand made leather handbags, belts, wristbands and leather trims that compliment the collection garments. 



NadjaB Design Products