These cheeky Pukekos (the New Zealand swamp hen) are a common sight. It is one of the few native birds to have enjoyed the arrival of man, and can be found in almost any grassland area, especially in swampy locations. Groups of these quirky birds are seen foraging for food in road-side areas with bright blue plumage and red beaks, they easily stand out. The Pukeko is loved by kiwis and vistiors alike.

Our Pukekos are handpainted by us then printed onto a fine fabric vinyl that can be moved dozens of times and wont damage you walls or any surface. Once on will look as if it is painted on the surface and will last years.

The sheet size they arrive to you on is 20/28" 50/70mm, the largest Pukeko measuring 17/14" 43/35cm

This mural kit makes a beautiful childrens room decoration.

Decals, stickers, sticky graphics, sticker murals....whatever you like to call them, put simply they are really unique original artwork that you peel and stick to your walls, move and rearrange countless times, take them with you when you move, tell stories with the kids or create a new look′s truly unlimited!

Unlike most other wall decals ours are made from fabric and they wont rip or wrinkle or damage your space, they adhere to any smooth surface and can be repositioned and moved countless times, they are also washable so those sticky little fingermarks can be wiped away in a jiffy. StickyTiki are also weather proof, so can also go outdoors, how cool is that!

StickyTiki are handcrafted from our own artwork, brush stokes and all, to give a truly painted on look so rare today in childrens spaces. StickyTiki is thoughtfully designed, beautifully cool, a little quirky with a splash of magic thrown in!!

This product will be despatched in approx 2 days. Delivery times may vary.

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5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
Fabulous service and got exactly what I asked for. Looks fab and have had lots of comments
5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
Wow what a great idea. They are so cute and very user friendly. Affordable and a very good quality product.
5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
Very happy! Super fast and a lovely gift that was very well received. A fun and original product, thank you!

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