Aroha Healing Candles are blessed with Karakia, Reiki & much Aroha.We use a natural soy wax base, pure cotton, paper braided wicks, pure essential oils & fragrance blends.

Aroha Healing Candles affect the energy of an environment in a positive way, nourishing the chakras & enhancing meditation practice via our olfactory system. Our candles are wonderful for focus, self healing, love, sensuality, abundance & good positive energy!

Aroha Healing Candles are proudly hand poured in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand. Candles are medium sized and come to you come boxed. All NZ postage is tracked.

Tu Kaha - Grounding Candle is for balance and feeling centred & strong. An earthy essential oil & fragrance blend of cinnamon, ylang ylang & orchid link Tu Kaha Candle to Muladhara, the Base Chakra.

Kia puawai te kaha - Energy Shifting Candle is perfect for positively shifting the energy within your environment, thoughts & actions. Essences of Frangipani & Geranium link this candle to Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra for empowerment, self esteem & confidence.

Whakaputa korero - Creative Communication Candle. Essence blends of vanilla, peach & frankincense are infused overnight with a turquoise gem stone. This healing candle is divine, perfect for meditation creativity & expression of feelings linking to Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra.

Maramatanga - Enlightenment Candle evokes a sense of bliss, calm and connection with hyacinth, lavender & lilac linking Maramatanga Candle to Sahasrara & Ajna the Crown & Brow Chakras.

Huhuatanga - Abundance Candle. Abundance comes in many forms and this magical candle is most fitting for manifesting all that is positive and good. Our Huhuatanga Candle oil blend changes seasonally, infused with Kowhai tree leaves and links to all chakras.

Whakawaatea – Cleansing Candle to clear away or cleanse the home, environment & self.  With beautiful, herbaceous, cleansing essential oils that are fresh and woody.  Whakawaatea is the perfect addition for any environment enhancing freshness of the mind, body and space linking to all chakras.

Whakanui - Celebration Candle is for acknowledging or manifesting an important life event, achievement, remembrance or accomplishment of a goal.  A rich, earthy, fruity essence blend awakens our senses and evokes pure enjoyment and elevation, linking to the Solar Plexus, Heart and Brow Chakras.

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