Philip Thornton

Philip's work is exhibited in various Art Galleries around New Zealand and lives in Private Collections throughout the world including: England, Scotland, Canada, USA, Bermuda, Spain, Japan and Australia.

With over 35 years as a full time jeweler there is not much that I haven't made, from diamond rings to handmade chain to sterling silver spoons.Through all these years my favorite medium has always been contemporary silver jewelery and in recent times I have been able to work almost exclusively in this area.

The freedom to let your imagination run wild in the area of contemporary jewellery needs to be tempered with good design, fine workmanship and an understanding of the need for a piece to be both beautiful and wearable. I am fortunate in having a large number of women in my family who are only too happy to field test new designs.

The inspiration for my designs comes in an endless stream from everything I see around me. The simple beauty of a wild flower can lead to a striking pair of earrings as easily as the more complex beauty of an old, gnarled grape vine changing color with the cool Autumn  winds or a rusted piece of iron work in an old Waihi goldmine.

I believe that jewellery is a language. Yes it can and should, be something beautiful in it's own right, but each piece also tells a story about it's owner and it is contemporary jewellery that has by far the largest vocabulary.

I hope that you get as much enjoyment from my work as I do,

Philip Thornton.

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