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Pretty Good jewellery was inspired from the landscapes and resources of the deep South of New Zealand. All jewellery is handcrafted by Melissa Thoroughgood using materials from her surrounding environment. At the moment that's Riverton, on the coast along from Invercargill during winter and Wanaka in Central Otago during summer. 

Pretty Good aims to provide beautiful items using natural resources we often take for granted like sand, stones and rocks. Then by adding original designs, spending a little time, patience and craft, reworking them into creative and stylish pieces of jewellery. So we can all wear a little piece of 'home' close to our hearts. Literally.

Product Information - The Story

Pretty Pebbles jewellery is all made by creating mini-mosaic patterns from tiny beach pebbles hand collected from beaches at the bottom of the South Island. Geologically the area boasts some of the oldest rocks in the country as they are flushed out from the Southern Alps into the Fouveax Strait. The beaches where the stones are collected are full of a diversity of rock types and colours. The wild weather and surf helps naturally tumble them into smooth shapes.  

Once collected, using tweezers and lots of time, the stones are sorted into sizes, colours and shapes. From here intricate patterns are made within the pendant plates which are then encased in a crystal clear glass resin. As every stone is different, each piece of Pretty Good jewellery is unique.


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