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Hi, I'm Lori from SilverStone Jewellery. I am delighted to share our range of fabulous and unique jewellery designs with you.

With our money back guarantee you can safely shop online for our range of contemporary sterling silver with confidence, from the comfort of your home or office, knowing we are just an email away.

I love women to try new styles of jewellery, to be bold, to wear something extremely beautiful that celebrates who you are - your uniqueness as a woman.

It is important for women to experiment with different looks and push the boundaries as far as your 'look' goes. It is not about being 'safe', it is about wearing jewellery that you love, that makes you feel good about yourself, and makes a statement about the real you.

My husband, Alex Achmad and I have three lovely children. A son, 27, recently returned from living and working in Singapore teaching children how to read and write in English. He is now settled in Auckland (hurrah) and writing online content for various companies.

We have two adorable identical twin girls who are 13 years old and just starting to appreciate what it means that Mum and Dad have a jewellery business - they have silver rings, silver chains and white gold bangles! Hard to believe they are off to college next year - where have the years gone?

Thank you for taking the time to view our range :)

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