Natures Gifts

Easy care plants to brighten up indoor spaces. 

Amazing Air Plants/Tillandsias No soil needed, just air & water. Beautiful shapes, colours and flowers, Air Plants look fabulous in Ecobubble Air Trees, Terrariums and Air Plant Hangers.

Strangely odd Succulents & Cacti Very little to do but to watch them grow and bloom. Each unique in shape and flower. In a Zen like porcelain pot or a Terrarium, they look fabulous.

Create a living world Create your own miniature living world with our Terrarium kits. Everything you need to make your own indoor garden, with Air Plants, Succulents, mosses and creatures

Gift a plant A Plant is a long-lasting living gift. Send an Ecobubble living gift to your friends, family, or work colleagues. Suits all occasions, happy or sad. Beautifully packaged prepared with love, include a card and your message.

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