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This is a one of a kind product.

Handcrafted Vintage Necklace

Features an antique Verge Fuse watch component on a 18ct rose gold plated Stainless Steel chain. Chain length is 16" with a 5cm extension chain. Fusee measures 3.6cm long and 2.3cm at its widest point.  Timepiece necklace is sent in a velvet necklace box.

This beautiful antique pocket watch gold VERGE FUSEE was hand-pieced with intricately detailed floral scrolls and engravings circle around a central sun flower. Hidden in the floral scrolls are two birds, just their heads are seen as their bodies disolve into the patterned pierced work. This piece has a stunning decorative boarder and is matched to the delicate rose gold plated chain. It also features an engraving of father time or the green man. This highly ornate fusee was used in a timepiece from the 1700’s. Hidden inside the watch this lovely component was the watchmaker’s signature and no two are alike. This special piece is not only distinctive in its unique etchings, but also its unmatched exquisiteness & historical value.

Fusee Pocket Watch are one of the oldest pocket watches that existed, as they dated all the way back to 16th centuries. The production of fusee type pocket watches stopped in America in 1850s and in England in 1880, and thus making them highly desirable antiques for pocket watch collectors today.

I have been crafting contemporary Jewellery from the original internal parts and decorative elements of these very old pocket watches including the brass gear box that houses the rare verge escapement gear, the balance plates also beautifully engraved and other ornate components. All of my timepiece jewellery is crafted with stainless steel findings and components. The stainless steel is hypoallergenic, and unmatched in strength and durability. Some Stainless steel elements such as necklaces have been plated in 18ct Gold.


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Verge Fusee necklace - 1700's beauty with hidden birds and sunflower

$132.25 NZD

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Very happy with product and delivery.
5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
The nicest jewellery I've purchased for a long time. Really well made, beautiful to look at and swiftly delivered. I have received heaps of compliments about them as well!
5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating. 5 star rating.
Great products thanks

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