Mana Wairua - A Spiritual Journey contains original poetry written purely straight from the heart and soul. There are many gifted people of all ages around the World that sit in silence not because they choose to but because they are too scared to come out.

The main purpose of my poetry is to empower people of all ages and cultures to follow their own spiritual paths and truths. I have incorporated it with Maori superstition, knowledge and wisdom that have been passed down through generations. It's very New Zealand heartland and unique even down to all the illustrations.

This book is for the people. Everyone has a right to walk their own path without being judged or singled out. If more people took the time out to understand or educate these gifted souls it would reduce the fear within and around the subject. Enabling these individuals to emerge and become their true authentic selves in turn acquire self-love, balance, harmony and inner understanding.

Choose to follow your own spiritual path in life

Where ever it may take you

Don't fear

Have the courage to seek your own truth

Be true to your heart

"The vision is truly yours" 

Beautifully bound with a glossy dust jacket, this quality book is not just inspirational, but makes a wonderful gift or coffee table book for the home.

Also available, Kitrina's second book, Mana Wahine (see seller's other listings). Purchase either book or a set of two.

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Mana Wairua - A Spiritual Journey

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