BOOK3# Released December 2017

Mana Tohunga- Light beyond the Veil-This journey is a harmonious unity with our beautiful Atua, Tipuna, and Wairua. Significantly this taonga consists of soulful poetry. Positive messages that express and symbolise a clear discernment, an arrival or a coming into alignment with your true divine self.

We are in realisation that the veil has thinned and what's really happening behind it can make us or break us. I choose to allow the healing light of the wairua to resurrect me into the soul being I was placed here to be. I choose to allow the darkness to strengthen my wairua and show me concealed potential.

For if it wasn’t for the darkness my light would not have existed in illumination. I now live and breathe with it in my heart and passionately empowered by the guidance of the spirit. I am liberated. Like a rainbow of all colours. I choose to view the world with my spiritual eyes as I know what really lies beneath situations is fathomless and not how most humans would see it in this physical abode.

There's always a higher reason for any tests, struggles, and challenges that occur in our lives. We are a spiritual being living in a shell experiencing life. We are growing and learning very valuable lessons as we go. Additionally, each and every one of us in our own unique way is assisting with the evolution of Humanity.

Gender, age, race, physical appearance is just who you are for this present moment. These outer characteristics are irrelevant because inside you resides a cosmic space of eternal energy.

You are love. You are divine. You are spiritual. Mana Tohunga is a way forward and an enchanting path towards our heavenly home.

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Mana Tohunga- Light Beyond the Veil

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